Monday, October 12, 2009

what a day...hurm

dunno what is wrong wif me..but i'm not gonna blame anyone becoz that is fate...

so yesterday i got 2 rush to the hospital becoz my grandmother first i thought i wanna go back wif my sis but she came back late so i have to go wif my kazen..we arrived at hospital muar bakri..its a quite a mind was so missarable..i,m thinking about my took 2 hour to arrive soon we arrive at the hospital..i rush to my grandmother wad..when i arrive at the wad, i saw her lying on the bad..i feel so sad..

all my kazen including me call my grandmother 'mak'..she is the most sporting grandmother i ever have...

about to weeks ago when raya she still healthy n strong but when i saw her lying on the bed..i don't how to describe..i know u all have this experiance also right...i pray to Allah to give her strength n health....



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